Brand Authenticity: The Value of Being Who You Are

January 21, 2016

We sat down with Rob Wallace, Brand Advocate of Best of Breed Branding Consortium to discuss brand authenticity. Rob describes it as the value of being who you are, not what your customer want you to be. 

GfK’s SVP of Media & Entertainment Explains How Viewing Devices and Services is Impacting Audience measurement

November 20, 2014

David Tice, SVP, Media and Entertainment at GfK Custom Research, talks about how the explosion of devices and services for viewing is impacting audience measurement.


The Research Insighter Interview with Nir Eyal

March 11, 2014

The Research Insighter is produced by the 2014 Future of Consumer Intelligence Conference - at the convergence of technology, social and marketing science, and the humanization of data - taking place May 19-21 in Universal City, CA.